University of Surrey

The University of Surrey is a public research university in Guildford, Surrey, United Kingdom.

The University of Surrey is a public research university in Guildford, Surrey, United Kingdom. The university specialises in science, engineering, medicine and business. It received its charter on 9 September 1966, and was for more than 60 year prior near Battersea Park in south-west London.

The University of Surrey was preceded by the Battersea Polytechnic Institute which was founded in 1891 and admitted its first students in 1894. Its aims were to provide greater access to further and higher education for some of the “poorer inhabitants” of London.

In 1901, evening classes consisted of some of the following; Mechanical Engineering and Building, Electrical Engineering, Chemical and other Trades, Physics and Natural Science, Maths, Languages, and Commercial subjects, Music. Special classes for Women in Domestic Economy subjects. Day Classes in Art, Science, Women’s subjects and Gymnastics. Classes in preparation for University and Professional Examinations. Also. Science day School for Boys and Girls, Commercial School for Girls, Training School for Domestic Economy and Training for Teachers.

The Institute focused on science and technology subjects, and from about 1920 taught some classes for University of London students.

The Institute awarded University of London external degrees.


Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

  1. Department of Music and Media
  2. Department of Politics
  3. Department of Sociology
  4. Guildford School of Acting
  5. School of Economics
  6. School of Hospitality and Tourism Management
  7. School of Law
  8. School of Literature and Languages
  9. Surrey Business School

Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences

  1. Centre for Environment and Sustainability
  2. Department of Chemical and Process Engineering
  3. Department of Chemistry
  4. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  5. Department of Computer Science
  6. Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  7. Department of Mathematics
  8. Department of Mechanical Engineering Sciences
  9. Department of Physics


Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

  1. School of Biosciences and Medicine
  2. School of Health Sciences
  3. School of Psychology
  4. School of Veterinary Medicine


  • Mechanical Testing Facility
  • Microstructural Studies Unit
  • Surface Analysis Laboratory
  • Ion Beam Centre
  • Centre for Vision Speech Signal Processing
  • Music studios and suites
  • Business Insights Lab
  • Surrey Clinical Research Centre