Shorelight Education

Shorelight Education is reinventing the international education

Shorelight Education is reinventing the international education experience for both students and universities.


We create generational partnerships that help universities reimagine their international strategies. It all starts with our innovative programs and services fully aligned with the student lifecycle. We contribute funding, deep operational expertise, and a global network of technology-enabled services. So our university partners can focus on inspiring the next generation of students.


  1. Adelphi University
  2. American University
  3. Auburn University
  4. Florida International University
  5. The University of Kansas
  6. Louisiana State University LSU
  7. University of Central Florida
  8. University of Illinois at Chicago
  9. The University of South Carolina
  10. University of The Pacific
Shorelight takes an innovative approach to driving institutional growth, creating new revenue streams, and expanding options for students seeking the next-generation higher education experience. We work with top-tier universities to create strategic and sustainable programs that  realize  an institution’s short- and long-term goals.