Istanbul Aydın University

Istanbul Aydın University a private university founded on May 18, 2007 in Istanbul.

Istanbul Aydın University a private university founded on May 18, 2007 in Istanbul, Turkey by extension of its predecessor, the vocational college of Anadolu BIL that existed since September 26, 2003.


Faculty of Art and Sciences
Faculty of Communications
Faculty of Dentistry
Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
Faculty of Education
Faculty of Engineering – Architecture
Faculty of Fine Arts
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Medicine

Facilities :

Campus Services:

  • The Clinic offers emergency aid with doctors
    and nurses available for 18 hours. The Guidance
    and Pyschological Counselling Center provides
    support for psychological well-being of
    students and staff. Our students and their
    parents can be treated at discounted rates at
    Oral Health Application and Research Center
    associated with IAU Faculty of Dentistry.
  • Work Placement Center facilitates on the job
    training opportunities for students by arranging
    work placements at companies/corporations/
    foundations, who are “solution partners” of IAU.
    Each student participates in work placement
    once a week in the fall and spring semesters
    and undertakes 30 to 60 days of summer
  • Alumni Orientation Center helps graduating
    students make their career planning by
    considering their aptitudes and education. It
    aims to help alumni improve their employability
    and the skills necessary for a successful career.
    It provides connections between the alumni and
    various prestigious companies.
    IAU provides through its
    administrative offices many
    support services to its
    students and staff.
    Continuing Education and Research