GESCO Study Abroad

The University of Essex is a British public research university. It was established in 1963.

In 2014 Essex University was ranked in the top 20 for the world-leading research, coming a fantastic top 5 for social science.


Faculty of Humanities

  • East 15 Acting School
  • Department of History
  • Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities (CISH)
  • Human Rights Centre
  • International Academy
  • Department of Literature, Film, and Theatre Studies
  • School of Law
  • School of Philosophy and Art History

Faculty of Science and Health

  • School of Biological Sciences
  • Department of Mathematical Sciences
  • Department of Psychology
  • Centre for Computational Finance and Economic Agents (CCFEA)
  • School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering
  • School of Health and Human Sciences

Faculty of Social Sciences

  • Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies
  • Department of Economics
  • Essex Business School
  • Department of Government
  • Institute for Social and Economic Research
  • Department of Language and Linguistics
  • Department of Sociology